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Krish Venkataraman

Vice President, Singapore

“Each session with Tommy helped me evolve my goals and mobile myself to realize them.   Through our engagement, I was able to enhance confidence in my leadership qualities and to develop personally and professionally.    Tommy’s engagement and coaching style will help any individual wanting to enhance their leadership style”

Mark Shaw

Multi-Site General Mgr, Ireland

“Tommy has being coaching me since 2016. His first words of advice were that “everyone needs help and support in this fast changing environment ; never be afraid to ask for it” Tommys words resonate now more than ever. He is a fantastic communicator; actively listens and asks insightful questions that help surface answers which quickly lead to rounded action orientated goals.”

Anne Anderson 

Vice President, USA

“The executive coaching I received from Tommy made a bigger impact on my career than any other development activity, training or career counselling received in 20+ years on the job.  He’s 150% dedicated to your success.”

Enrique Evangelio 

Vice President, Spain

“Tommy has been key in my career development.  His coaching has helped me grow personally and professionally.  Tommy provides great advice on how to continually improve and push for more, think forward and move to the next level.

Nick Buckner

Vice President, USA

“Tommy always has very practical coaching and suggestions to offer.  Things like the power of writing down goals and objectives for one’s career, managing one’s personal brand in a corporate setting, or expanding your network of stakeholders to enable better business outcomes.  He definitely helped me take my career to the next level.”

Eduardo Martinez

Project Manager, Mexico

“I can’t describe how much Tommy’s advice and guidance helped me to grow in the company.    He always gave me the right tools to develop my career.   Thanks Tommy for inspiring me to set and meet my goals!”

Lisa D’Arcy

IT Consultant, Ireland

“Tommy’s coaching has been the catalyst for making a remarkable difference in my professional career.  He helped me to discover what I am really made of and opened my mind to larger possibilities.  Tommy has the ability to guide you through any challenge and to take action.”

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