The CINCO Process

The CINCO process

The CINCO Process

5 Steps to help you achieve your goals, faster...

Create Goals

Setting clear, measurable goals is a critical step in helping you to deliver on your hopes and dreams.   A study by Harvard University focused on a class of MBA students and asked them whether they had goals or not.    3% in the class had written goals and plans, 13% had unwritten goals and 84% had no goals at all.    Ten years later, the 3% of individuals with written goals had earned 10 times as much as the other 97% combined!  The 13% with unwritten goals earned twice as much as the 84% with no goals.   Now, this isn’t all about money but it gives you an idea of how powerful true goal setting can be.    We work with you to understand your aspirations and to convert these into your Top 5 Professional and Top 5 Personal Goals with specific descriptions and timelines against each of them.    This becomes the ‘destination’ on the journey.

Initiate Assessment

Now that we know the goals and ‘destination,’ it’s really important to understand the ‘starting point.’ This is done through a series of assessments (eg.  360s, Hogan, Forte…) that give an understanding of where your strengths and development opportunities are.   It will also help to evaluate the skills, experiences and competencies that you have. This step should identify any ‘blind spots’ and will combine with feedback from others to give a very realistic and honest assessment of where you are today.   

Name Gaps

With the ‘starting point’ and ‘destination’ defined, the next step is to map out the journey. In order to achieve your goals faster, it’s important that this path is as efficient as possible. This means we need to understand the gaps you have and prioritise them. Depending on the assessment findings, it’s important to name the Top 5 gaps that you want to focus on. These will be skills, experiences or competencies that you want to gain or improve on.  It could be that you need to develop some financial expertise (skill) or that you have to get some exposure to working in a Startup company (experience) or that you’ve to improve your ability to problem solve (competency).   

Customise Plan

Developing a plan becomes easier after you’ve done the first 3 steps.   Step 4 involves determining the Top 5 actions (personally & professionally) that you can take to close your gaps and move towards your goals. Your journey won’t be a straight line. There will be some detours along the way but the key thing is to identify the wrong turns quickly and get back on track. Breaking the plan down into manageable activities is key. Some of your goals will be near term and some may be 20 or 30 years out. The plan should focus on what you will do in the following 12 months.  These are key ‘milestones’ on the journey.  Your life and priorities will change along the way. Having kids may change your outlook completely. You may have an unexpected opportunity to work abroad.  Not a problem.  You just go back to your goals and evolve them and your plan accordingly. However, once you lock your latest plan, the focus becomes all about execution.

Overcome & Celebrate

You will face some obstacles along the way.   As part of this process, we will think through your Top 5 potential challenges and come up with actions or contingencies that will allow you to stay on track much easier.   The good news is that you will have many more wins than losses. Sometimes, you will have to pick yourself up after a disappointment and convince yourself that it has happened for a reason. Get back to your plan.  Modify and tweak it if you have to but focus on the short term actions that gets your momentum built back up again.  Celebrate your milestones along the way.  No journey is easy but it can be filled with fun and excitement. The CINCO process is a cycle and once you’ve achieved your main goals, you can start this process all over again. So, let us help you to make your dreams a reality.

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